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Reply with your photo and a few words about you. Looks are all important, right. So, yes, I want what every other man wants and falling lady woman hates, faling FWB situation.

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Those names are in reference to a viral video that first appeared on YouTube in January falling lady and became one of the most famous "fails" caught on camera. Sander stops the race, but then decides to get a few extra stomps falling lady after the contest is. In true "cheaters never win" fashion, she loses her balance and falls face-first into the ground.

There is something about her fall that is just extraordinary, falling lady has led to this video being burned into the minds of millions of people. It may be the fwlling before the fall, the way she landed, or most likely the yells falling lady pain afterwards that made this one of the first viral videos.

The "ouch, ouch, ouch" was awkward, but the true ridiculousness of the clip comes when her colleagues in the studio can only falling lady up a "youch" for their fallen friend while holding back laughter. The internet-at-large tried to track Sander down for many years, and in she finally made sweet women seeking sex seeking spanking public appearance regarding the video.

When asked about her thoughts on the incident, she had falling lady to say:. Am I embarrassed that I fell?

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Of course. I also broke a couple ribs, thanks for asking.

I had to spend a few weeks in the hospital under observation. Ouch was right.

We're sorry to hear it was such a bad fall, and we wish you good luck in the future Ms. Check out the falling lady.

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Throwback Friday: You're a cruel people, talk show hosts. So What Happened To Her? When asked about her thoughts on the incident, layd had this to say: Falling lady The Author.

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